Advice and assistance for companies who wish to develop their commercial strategies.

Our goal : Advice and assistance for companies who wish to develop their commercial strategies; on an ancillary basis, on behalf of professionals and individuals, study, assistance and assistance in the field of digital marketing, design and animation of websites as well as all public relations and communication services directly related to the activity main; the sale of advertising space by any means of distance communication and in particular on
websites, excluding any regulated activity.

Only a third of companies have a formal commercial strategy and only 20% have an action plan. Nevertheless, it is fundamental for all companies, whatever their size, structure, activity, whether a group, a small business, an artisan or a tradesman.

In the business world, the market is a little like the jungle; like the explorer, a serious company must have a precise idea of its organisation. In order to develop business it must perfect its commercial strategy for the market.

In order to manage an international clientèle it is necessary to have a global knowledge and strategy and to choose the best people in each field.

The aim is to help people who want to develop their new international business by providing studies and projects specifically for the Monaco market place all our services reflect its values and principles.

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The marketing strategy is shaped by your overall business goals. It includes a definition  of your business, a description of your products or services, a profile of your target users  or clients, and defines your company’s role in relationship to the competition. The commercial strategy tells you where you want to go from here. To choose the right direction you need a SWOT Analysis for carrying out an initial assessment of your business/product:

  • Strength

    strength of your product/service

  • Weakness

    weakness of your product/service

  • Opportunities

    the allocation of the appropriate resources

  • Threats

    external factors

In your marketing planning you need:

Your marketing mix.

You have decided what your overall company mission is. You have then gone through the process of defining your marketing objectives, and defining the marketing strategies you will employ in order to meet those objectives. You are now moving into the decision-making process for defining the actual tactics you will utilise. The four elements for marketing mix: 

  • Product

    Defines the characteristics of your product or service that meet the needs of your customers.

  • Price

    You have three basic strategies for pricing the offer: a skimming strategy, a market penetration strategy, a comparable pricing strategy.

  • Promotion

    To sell an offering you must effectively promote and advertise it. There are two basic promotion strategies, Push and Pull.

  • Place

    You must also select the distribution method you will use to get the offering into the hands of the customer.

These factors should be analysed initially to create the strategy and then regularly monitored for changes for estimating the results.

Final analysis of the results obtained

After defining your strategy you must use the information you have gathered to determine whether this strategy will achieve the objective of making your enterprise competitive in the market place.

You must note two important assessments: